We are go-to-market consulting studio that helps startups find product-market fit on a new market

User insights and first sales for your startup

What we do

Market and competitors' research
We will help you pick you key market and how to position yourself
User research
We will conduct user interviews of your target audience and help you better understand it
MVP vision
We will create a product vision for your audience as well as sales funnel, acquisition channels, tone of voice
Create a sales demo
We will assemble a demo and will prepare guidelines for pitches for your first clients
Set up a cold outreach
We will set up a cold outreach in LinkedIn and other acquisition channels
First sales
We will conduct a demo for your prospects and will get your first sales going

How we work

Intro deep dive
We will discuss your goals, get to know your product, set up processes
Market and competitors' research

We will research market size and trends as well as your competitors — what and how they sell
User research design
We will describe your customer persona and will prepare scripts for user interviews
Lead generation for interviews
We will test multiple lead generation channels and communication copies for setting up interviews
We will conduct 15+ interviews
We sync after each several interviews and correct our goals if needed
We will analyze results
We will prepare MVP vision for this segment, recommendations on delivery and communications

Not only US: we help startups that enter LatAm, SEA and MENA markets

Why you should trust us with discovery for your startup

We help making data-informed strategic decisions and not just conduct interviews
We have a vast experience of market and user research in US
We have custom templates and canvases for interpreting insights from user interviews
We know how to research LatAm, SEA and MENA markets
We have top-tier outreach managers in our team
We can conduct a full-scale research from 2 weeks
Our team has conducted over 1000 user interviews
We know how to generate leads, conduct demos and get first sales
Our team has product, sales and research background


We've been working with Eugene when we were researching entering Brazil market with edtech product.
Eugene was researching our target audience —students of top-tier MBA programs and helped us create MVP vision based on research.
We were super happy with Eugene's work, in two weeks we got a detailed picture of how our target audience choose products in our segment, what kind of red flags are there.
That was super helpful for us during launch — we got a high quality user research in just 2 weeks.
I definetely recommend working with Eugene.
Gleb Fomichev
CEO, ultima.school
Eugene helped our team at refocus.me to conduct JTBD-research of SMB owners in the US for finding our target audience. Eugene wrote interview scripts, conducted interviews and analysed results. Eugene has conducted over 30 interviews. The insights helped us correct our launch plans and marketing communications.
Darya Gubanova
Product Manager, refocus.me

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