We help teams find Product-Market Fit and then scale with our SDRs driving your outbound

Product Discovery & B2B Lead Generation

What we do

Market and competitors' research
We will help you pick you key market and how to position yourself
User research
We will conduct user interviews of your target audience and help you better understand it
MVP vision
We will create a product vision for your audience as well as sales funnel, acquisition channels, tone of voice
Create a sales demo
We will assemble a demo and will prepare guidelines for pitches for your first clients
Set up a cold outreach
We will set up a cold outreach in LinkedIn and other acquisition channels
First sales
We will conduct a demo for your prospects and will get your first sales going
Market and Competitor Research
  • We can help you pick a country for launch and analyze your target market by:
    1. Calculating market size: TAM SAM & SOM
    2. Exploring trends, searches and CAC
    3. Pinning down recent venture and M&A deals in the industry
    4. Finding major players in the industry
    5. Looking deeply into local market and industry specifics
  • We can collect data on competitors:
    1. Their value proposition and strategy
    2. Their prices and business model
    3. Their target audience & customer reviews
    4. Rounds raised, their size & approximate revenue
    5. Distribution strategy & communications
User Research
  1. We will design the research
  2. We will recruit and qualify respondents from your target audience pool. We'll also set up a CRM system to collect all lead-respondents.
  3. We will conduct 6-24 video user interviews (usually we do 7 interviews per customer segment).
  4. We'll record and write a summary for each interview.
  5. Additionally, we could validate the core value proposition by pitching the product to respondents and getting their feedback & conducting a UX-test.
  6. We will collect a Miro board with your audience's job stories and will help shape the vision for the product & distribution.
B2B Lead Generation
Our appointment setting format provides you with a dedicated Sales Development Representative (SDR) who will drive your outbound activities, generate and qualify leads, and set up meetings with a member of your team.
  1. We'll help you define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and create a communication strategy for it.
  2. We'll perform semi-automated prospecting to build a target base based on your customer persona.
  3. We'll prepare a detailed outreach campaign plan, including strategies and copies for each outreach channel.
  4. We'll set up, warm up, and organize outreach from 1-10 email and LinkedIn accounts.
  5. We'll identify leads with intent and manually outreach them by researching their business and content beforehand and looking for ways to get introduced.
  6. We can help build a network for your founder or other team members in a specified market. This includes getting into focus communities, business referral networks, participating in relevant online and offline events, and looking for partners, experts, and advisors.
  7. We'll qualify all leads and set up appointments with a member of your team.
  8. We'll set up CRM and build a dashboard with outreach data, conversions, main blockers, and insights. Additionally, we can integrate your CRM and transfer leads' data.


  • We worked with Smogu to research Brazil's edtech market for our top-tier MBA program. Smogu created an MVP vision based on student research while identifying red flags. They delivered high-quality user research in just two weeks, which was incredibly helpful during our launch. I highly recommend Smogu.
    Gleb Fomichev
    CEO, ultima.school
  • Smogu helped our team at refocus.me to conduct JTBD-research of SMB owners in the US for finding our target audience. Smogu wrote interview scripts, conducted interviews and analysed results. Smogu has conducted over 30 interviews. The insights helped us correct our launch plans and marketing communications.
    Darya Gubanova
    Product Manager, refocus.me

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